Extended Care

The Extended Care Program provides quality child care for the children enrolled in Kindergarten through 6th Grade at Holy Rosary School. The staff are nurturing, respectful, supportive of, and responsive to the children, and give warm and positive guidance. It is a small, comfortable, and healthy environment with a child to staff ratio of 15:1. The environment and the activities that the staff provide help children grow, learn mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

The goals of the Extended Care Program is to support the family by offering a safe and caring environment. There is time provided for free play, directed creative activities, sharing experiences, field trips, computer lab, nutritious snacks, and supervised study time. Children are encouraged to build social relationships, and enhance their creative abilities and learning skills.

The daily routine includes arrival, sign-in, attendance. Then there is gym-time or outdoor play, followed by a snack. After, there is homework and quiet reading time. There are activities that include arts and crafts, dress-up clothing, Legos, creative and dramatic play, race tracks, board games, library and computer time, field trips, and movies twice per month. Finally, there is clean-up.

The field trips include bus rides to Lynnwood for pizza, to the police station, to Galaxy Hobby, and to McDonald’s. There are walking trips to the Edmonds Fire Station, bakery, Nama’s Candy, Post Office, Edmonds’ Museum, playfields, Christmas window-shopping, the Edmonds Beach and a ferry ride to Kingston for ice cream.