Square 1 Art

The Square 1 Art fundraiser takes your child’s art and makes it into great products for you to purchase. These products are wonderful keepsakes and make great gifts for family and friends – and each order provides a 33% return to your Parent Association!

Your child will create a piece of art in class, at the beginning of the school year. This artwork can be made into many fun products such as iPad or iPhone covers, magnets, t-shirts, apron, tote bags, key chains, luggage tags and much more!

Your child will be bringing home stickers with their very own artwork! The stickers are theirs to keep. The product catalog will be attached to the stickers with an access code. Log onto www.square1art.com and input the access code to see your child’s art displayed on all the products! More than one child? No problem – one account can have more than access code. It’s easy to switch from one child’s work to another online.

Square 1 Art is a wonderful fundraiser that celebrates your child’s artwork along with helping our school. We would like to thank all the wonderful teachers and room parents for their help in creating this artwork with the students! We couldn’t do it without you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your PA President or Vice President.