Magazine/Gift Wrap Sale

An annual event that usually takes place in late October through early November. It is a two-week sale of magazines and gift wrap where the students compete to raise the most funds personally and by class. Orders are received manually, online and by email. Student incentives include prizes and chances at cash awards. Proceeds from this event support the school operating budget.


You don’t need to wait until the kick-off!

Are you receiving renewal notices? Ignore them…
· Go to
· Click on Shop Now
· Enter Holy Rosary School’s ID: 2720217
· Enter the student name you want to support – they’ll get credit during our sale
· Find your magazine and renew it!

Now you’re ahead of the game and won’t miss out on an issue!

Our school receives 40% of the subscription price, and you don’t pay a higher price!
Don’t use those renewal notices and give it all to the magazine companies.

Remember to share this with family and friends if they are receiving renewal notices too.