Holy Rosary School  PRE-K Program

We offer an outstanding program for children ages 4 through 5 in a caring and positive learning environment. The staff provide the children with a strong foundation of readiness skills for Kindergarten and the years ahead. Multi-sensory approaches are used in the classroom to help provide basic instruction so that all the children are successful in their learning.  In supporting the children’s social emotional development which is so important at this age, we provide an interactive learning program entitled, “ Second Step”. Along with the core content we provide Spanish, Music, PE  and Library times for our Pre-K children.


Mondays :  8:15-1:30

Tuesdays through Fridays :   8:15-3:00

 Note:  Families may choose to select a half day program or a full day program

 Please let us know if you would like to visit our PRE-K program and or register your child  for our school  by calling 425-778-3197

Pre-K A
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Pre-K B
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