The Holy Rosary Music curriculum emphasizes the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, form) through music literacy, the science of music, movement and coordination, choral part singing/vocal training. In addition to this, the students will learn about music from around the world and music history: it’s composers and time periods.

Kindergarten   explore the various aspects of the way music moves with lessons on high and low, quiet and loud and emphasis in singing and movement.

 First Graders participate in lessons involving movement/coordination and singing scales as well as light music appreciation of the composers and music of the world.

 Second Graders begin concentration on music literacy by learning simple rhythm values and patterns and the staff lines and spaces. Singing scales, movement/coordination and appreciation of the composers and world music continue through the primary grades.

 Third Graders  build upon their previous experience with scale singing and rhythm drills and will learn to sing in 2 and 3 parts.  They will begin with rounds and canons and move to partner songs in preparation for Honor choir which begins in the 4th grade.

 Fourth Graders   learn how to play a C instrument called the recorder. They are taught music management, playing technique and the staff lines and spaces are reinforced.

 Fifth Graders learn about the science of sound through group sound projects in class and by creating a homemade musical instrument.

 Sixth Graders   become familiar and create with the elements of music through drills, exercises, and group projects. Rhythm is covered first and melody and harmony are taught using the keyboard and xylophones.

 Seventh Graders experience world music through lessons, guest speakers, research and presentations by the students.

 Eighth Graders experience a music history appreciation course which involves presentations, music discrimination between the time periods and research on a composer by the students.

 In addition to the General music curriculum,  extra-curricular activities are offered in the form of Band, Choir and String orchestra.