7th Grade Pre-Algebra – Ms. Mulvihill


Students are currently working on an EV3 challenge until the December 18th.


Five Keys to Success in Mathematics:

1 – Review every day.

2 – Attend class as often as possible.

3 – Pay attention to your mistakes and correct them promptly.

4 – Know the properties of mathematics.

5 – Know your facts.

Ms. Mulvihill’s Commitment:

Daily Lessons – I will provide daily lessons to guide your journey into understanding mathematics.

Online Lessons – I will provide weekly review lessons online.

Homework – I will assign homework to augment daily lessons and provide practice opportunities for you.

Assessments – I will provide you with frequent opportunities to assess your knowledge based on the Common Core Standards for the class you are taking.  I will provide paper resources to track your progress.

Feedback – I will provide you with frequent, respectful, and appropriate feedback in order to help you progress in your understanding of mathematics.  I will accept feedback with thoughtful care in order to improve my own teaching standards and expectations.

Student Commitment:

Daily Lessons – You will attend and fully participate in class.

Online Lessons – You will use your own resources to watch the online review lessons

Homework – You will complete the assigned homework .

Assessments – You will assess your knowledge honestly and frequently.  You will use your paper resources to track your progress.  You will check the online grading resources to track your progress.

Feedback – You will respond to feedback appropriately and respectfully.  You will provide others with respectful feedback at appropriate times.

spectfully.  You will provide others with respectful feedback at appropriate times.

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Below are notes and homework assignments for the day.

Thursday, 01/11


Monday 12/11 –

Students are working on their EV3 projects.  These are due on December 18th.

Tuesday 12/05

Homework has been adjusted according to the needs of your student.


Monday 12/04

No notes or homework today.

Tuesday, 11/28

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Monday, 11/27