7th Grade Pre-Algebra – Ms. Mulvihill


Welcome to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra.

This course is intended to prepare students for Holy Rosary School’s Algebra 1 8th grade course.

Keys to success in Mathematics:

Review every day.  Actively participate in classes and work at learning.  Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn.  Turn in work on time.  Remember to apply the rules of mathematics.

Students need to bring to class daily:

Math-in-Focus Singapore Mathematics course 2.  7th grade mathematics tool kit.  1-inch binder with 5 tabs.  Loose leaf paper (either graph or lined) for assignments.  Scientific Calculator.  Spiral Notebooks or composition books for daily notes.  Pencils and other writing materials.

Jamie Mulvihill

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Below are notes and homework assignments for the day.