The students at Holy Rosary School have access to Lenovo laptops available for use in the Computer Lab.  Each classroom has at least one computer workstation either in the form of a laptop or a desktop.  The students also have access to laptop carts that are utilized by the teachers to enhance teaching in their classrooms. Each grade utilizes the computers to further enhance the classroom learning experience, either through websites, web based software programs, Microsoft Office 2010 products, or software installed on the computers.

The following software is available for students at Holy Rosary:

  • Accelerated Reader Grades 1 to 8 – students read a book and then take quizzes based on the book
  • Accelerated Reader Home Connect Grades 1 to 8 – parents are able to check that their child is reading and how they are doing on the quizzes
  • DIBELs Math Grades K and 1st Grade – math assessment program administered to students 2 to 3 times per school year to monitor their math skills progression
  • Kid Pix 3D All Grades – creative software to enhance the classroom learning experience
  • LEGO Education Products (MathTrain, Simple Machines, Simple and Powered Machines, WeDO 2.0, EV3 base kits as well as expansion kits and the Space Challenge)All Grades – A hands-on, minds-on way to teach Common Core Standards and STEM to motivate learning with hands-on learning and inspiring, active learning
  • MAPs – Measures of Academic Progress Grades 2 to 8 – assessments in Math, Science, Reading, and Language Arts administered to students 3 times per school year
  • MAPs Reading FluencyGrades K to 2 – assessments in Reading Fluency administered to students 3 times per school year
  • Microsoft Office Products (Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word)All Grades – word processing software integrated with classroom projects
  • STAR Reading Grades K to 8 – reading assessment program administered to students 3 to 4 times per school year to monitor their reading skills progression
  • ThinkCentral Grades 1 through 5 – web based software used in coordination with the Math In Focus/Singapore Math curriculum
  • Tinkercad.comGrades 5 through 8 – 3D modeling software used to introduce students to the concepts of CAD software and create a basic 3D model which will be printed
  • Grades 1 through 5 – web based software to increase their aptitude for typing and provide the opportunity to learn some basic coding/programming skills; and as needed in Grades 6 through 8