6th Grade


What are our Learning Targets?

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

I am delighted to have your sons and daughters in my class this year!  They are a marvelous group of bright, young individuals.  This year we will explore the richness of our past, assess our present world, and strive to make a bright future together.

My goal for this year is to center your child’s education around the three “R’s”.  In my classroom the three “R’s” are Respect, Responsibility, and Refine.  As followers of Jesus we will embrace each other with kindness and loving support.  Disrespectful behaviors and attitudes will not be tolerated.  As followers of Jesus we will be accountable for our actions, both academic and social.  We will practice how to make appropriate and wise decisions.  As followers of Jesus we will strive to always do our best, to learn from our mistakes, and make earnest attempts to improve.  It is my sincere desire that as parents you will support my efforts to create a Christ-centered learning environment where we can all develop these skills and reach our potential.

Are you ready for your homework? (Oh yes, you did read that correctly!)

Please bring with you on Curriculum Night answers to these three questions:

  • What goals do you wish to see your child achieve this school year?
  • What concerns do you have for this child that you would like me to know about?
  • Considering your time and talents, in what ways would you be able to assist the class?

I intend to reflect on your written responses, aid you in meeting your child’s needs, and keep your information in my personal files for periodic review.

Thank you for making the commitment to pursue Catholic education.  Your dedication to the faith is a powerful message to your students and the greater Christian community.  I look forward to meeting each of you and sharing more in detail on Curriculum Night, Tuesday, September 17th.  If you have any questions or concerns before then I am easily available by email, malias@holyrosaryedmonds.org or by voice message at 425-778-3197 ext. 275.


Mrs. Santucci

What’s coming up?

  • All School Mass: most Fridays @ 8:30 in Full Uniform
  • First Day of School September 3, Noon Dismissal
  • Curriculum Night Tuesday, Sept. 17 @ 6:00

Parents, ask your 6th grader…

  • to share something interesting learned in the mini book
  • about prehistoric peoples and their culture
  • how to find specific information in a text
  • what’s happening in their reading books lately
  • if you can help them study their vocabulary words
  • to teach you something from the Religion lesson
  • which virtue of the month is the school focusing on now
  • how one can be kind, respectful, responsible, and safe
  • how they are living the Beatitudes daily
  • if the work turned in meets with junior high expectations
  • to change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset

Reading Support at Home

Parents can help their students shop for a book to read that is “just right” for their reading level by logging into AR Home Connect on the school’s home page and choosing AR Bookfinder in the lower right hand corner. Have students do an advanced search to locate AR books by reading level, interest area, point value, or author. Create an AR Bookbag and then go shopping for these titles at Holy Rosary’s library, or using the online catalog of Sno-Isle libraries at sno-isle.org. It’s such a great resource and it’s FREE! We’ve taken a tour in the classroom…now try it at home.

For step-by-step instructions click the link below:
Using AR Bookfinder