6th Grade

What’s coming up?

  • Outdoor Education May 9-11 for grades 5 & 6 at Camp Casey

What are our Learning Targets?

We are excited to go to Outdoor Education on beautiful Whidbey Island next week! Please pray that we have great weather for the trip.  The class is finishing up their poetry book project and we will consider hosting a poetry tea to recite our best work for parents and special guests at a small classroom soire! Currently in Social Studies we’ve started learning about the ancient Chinese culture and history. The students will enjoy an art extension lesson with Mrs. Conaty to create some silk paintings! After camp we will review recent lessons in Reading goal areas to prepare for the final series of MAP testing. Our test segments will be on Tuesday, May 15, Wednesday, May 16, Friday, May 18, and Tuesday, May 29.

Parents, ask your 6th grader…

  • to share something interesting learned in the mini book
  • about ancient Romans and their culture
  • how to find specific information in a text
  • what’s happening in their reading books lately
  • if you can help them study their vocabulary words
  • to teach you something from the Religion lesson
  • how one can be kind, respectful, responsible, and safe
  • how they are living the Beatitudes daily
  • if the work turned in meets with junior high expectations
  • to change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset

Reading Support at Home

Parents can help their students shop for a book to read that is “just right” for their reading level by logging into AR Home Connect on the school’s home page and choosing AR Bookfinder in the lower right hand corner. Have students do an advanced search to locate AR books by reading level, interest area, point value, or author. Create an AR Bookbag and then go shopping for these titles at Holy Rosary’s library, or using the online catalog of Sno-Isle libraries at sno-isle.org. It’s such a great resource and it’s FREE! We’ve taken a tour in the classroom…now try it at home.

For step-by-step instructions click the link below:
Using AR Bookfinder