4th Grade

Welcome back to school! It is wonderful to see you all! This year, we will have lots of fun learning and together. Summer is fading, but we are in full swing here at school. We will read a ton of books, go on lots of cool Field Trips, have parties, and just be together!

Fourth Grade is a big year for academic growth. Please help your child study before tests, learn multiplication and division facts, and the new grade level prayers.

Log in information for Math in Focus, “Think Central”, Power School, Typing Agent and other on line resoursces will be  handed out at Open House on Sept. 17, please plan to attend. If you do not know your log in name, just email Mrs. Walde and she can give it to you.

In Math, each chapter has important vocabulary words that students must know in order to complete problems correctly. The students have a Math vocabulary NB that has all the chapter vocabulary in it. I strongly encourage your child to study the vocabulary words in each chapter before the test is given. Please practice math facts at home, working long multiplication and division problems are easier if they know their facts.

Washington State History will focus on the geography, history, economics, cultures, and citizenship of Washington State from before it became a state, to present day. Please encourage you child to study each chapter to prepare for the chapter tests. I will give them a few days warning to prepare.

In reading, we will read lots of books in several different formats and genres; whole group and small group, individually, silent and aloud, fiction and non-fiction. Our reading will be across the curriculum and span many different topics.

In writing, the focus is on three types of writing; opinion, informational, and narrative. Again, writing will move across the curriculum and involve a variety of topics.

In Science, we study Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science, (one science strand per Trimester), with lots of non-fiction reading.

Religion is a big focus in Fourth Grade. We study the Saints, Virtues, Works of Mercy, Catholic Social Teachings, the Rosary, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments and so much more. There will be chapter tests in Religion also, please encourage your child to study before the night before the test.

There is so much to look forward to in Fourth Grade, so your children will be busy from Day 1 to Day 180! I post the HW everyday on the website by 4:00, so check there first if you have any questions. Just click the link and it will take you to the “Daily Homework” page.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!

They are awesome!