4th Grade

We are looking at our Nation’s Treasures in Reading, also a weekly Parent letter from Open Court reading will come home with the spelling and vocabulary words on it. You can read about the theme of the unit and some highlights about our learning. We are not following the LA plan at the bottom of the News Letter, so just ignore that section. Look for this letter to come home on Mondays, in order to give the students plenty of time to study the Spelling words.

For the last trimester of the year, we will switch to written Book Reports. For the month of April, students will read a Historical Fiction book. This means that it is a book that is about a true historical event, but the story has fictional components. The Book Report is due on the last day of April since we are just coming off of Spring Vacation. There will be a new genre study each month for the rest of the year. For now, students need to have a book and be reading everyday!

No spelling list for week of 4/15-4/19

In Religion, our virtue for April is Charity. The Saint of the Month is St. Francis de Sales. This theme fits well with our Lenten Rice Bowl charity. This is Holy Week, so we should all continue to practice charity towards those in need. The actual meaning for Charity is the “voluntary giving of help”. So, let’s stress any kind of help, time, talent and treasure.

Please return all Rice Bowls before Friday, April 19th in order to turn them all into the office before we leave on Spring Break.

We have several FTs coming up to look forward to;

April 17: Fort Nisqually in Tacoma. This is an all day experience, and we will need to leave at 8:30 to arrive at our 10:00 tour time. This is a mostly outdoor FT, so students need to dress for the weather. Spirit Wear, and rain jackets will be fine. Students will need need a brown bag lunch.

In Math, we started Area and Perimeter, which can be tricky if students don’t remember the rule for each. Also, we are reviewing all math concepts learned this year. You will see a math “packet” come home as homework. In addition, we will also do a review packet during Math class. In this way, I hope to have the review finished before the next MAPs test. Singapore Math pedagogy and parent support videos are available at Think Central: www-k6.thinkcentral.com. The log in information for Think Central was handed out at Open House. If you do not know your log in name, just email Mrs. Walde and she can give it to you.  Each chapter has important vocabulary words that students must know in order to complete problems correctly. The students have a Math vocabulary NB that has all the chapter vocabulary in it. I strongly encourage your child to study the vocabulary words in each chapter before the test is given. Please practice math facts at home, working long multiplication and division problems are easier if they know their facts.

In WA State History, we begin a unit of Government and civics, at both local and state level. The final chapters of our book focus on each region of WA for an in-depth look. Students will be working on a “Region Report” in class and will create a Power Point in computer class. After our Fort Nisqually FT, students will be building forts and NA dwellings. We will create these structures at school. Students may bring things for the buildings from home, but for the most part, the materials and creation will be done at school.

In writing, we started a personal narrative on the Oregon Trail. We research a topic that happened on the OT and then write about it as if it happened to our own family while on the journey west. The students seem very excited about creating this journal.

To better prepare the students for the final end of the year MAPs test, I am meeting with each student and reviewing their goals for this year. Please remind your child to do his/her best on these tests, in order to show their full academic growth from this year.

Sometimes for HW you will see “Word Skills” or “Things to Know” listed in the Social Studies box. These are exercises at the end of every chapter, that we start in class. If your child does not finish them in class, it carries over to HW. The answers to these exercises are written into the WSH notebook and not on single sheet paper.

In Science, the third trimester focuses on Physical Science, matter, force, waves, energy and lots more. We will be creating models during lab experiments to show how these actions take place.

There is so much to look forward to in Fourth Grade, so your children will be busy from Day 1 to Day 180! I post the HW everyday on the website by 4:00, so check there first if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!

They are awesome!