4th Grade







We still have lots of things to look forward to in Fourth Grade!

In Religion, we are learning the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. Students need to memorize both sets of Works of Mercy. There will be an oral test on them Friday,, May 25th.

We have a few upcoming dates to be aware of, so please add them to your calendar.

  • May 24: Spring Concert. New start time, 6:30 pm in the gym.
  • May 29 and 30th: Special Reports are presented. Sign up to follow soon.
  • May 31st: Science Report Due.
  • June 6th: “Celebrate Fourth Grade” with “Coffee House Talks”, student projects on display, and light refreshments. Please join us in the School Cafeteria from 7-8:30. Family members are welcome to join us.

Just a note on the Class Play; after much thought and discussion with the class, I have decided that instead of a play we will have a “Coffee House Talk”. There are several reasons for the change:

  1. With the new format, every child will have an opportunity to shine and choose the best monologue to perform.
  2. Each child will be able to select the monologue that best suits him or her.
  3. All eyes and the spotlight will be on one child at a time.
  4. In the past few years, several key actors have been late, or missed the play because of Baseball Tournaments. This puts a lot of stress on the rest of the actors and myself, because the tournaments are decided at the end of the season, so when the parts are assigned, no one knows if they are in a tournament or not.
  5. The last few weeks of school are very busy and we still have some projects to complete, so there is less time to prepare.
  6. I am trying something different.

You can help your child select his or her monologue by searching for “Monologues for Kids”, going to the library for a book of monologues appropriate for kids, and helping your child practice. Props and costumes are not necessary for this evening event. Bring your family for a fun showcase of Fourth Grade. Student work will be on display and your student can tell you all about how it was created.

Please talk to your child about Summer Goals. We will be talking about and creating realistic goals that can be achieved over the summer months. This will help prevent the “Summer Slide” and ensure that your child is ready for Fifth Grade. Look for the “Summer Goals” sheet to come home after testing is over. I will conference with each child to help them come up with reasonable goals to help them be successful and improve their learning growth.

In Math, we started the “End of the Year” review.  We finished by the “A” and “B” textbooks. Over the summer you can help your child stay sharp by reviewing such concepts as, long multiplication and division, adding and subtracting fractions.

When studying for a test, students should re-read the chapter, learn the vocabulary words, and check why they missed a question on the chapter review. If these steps are followed, your child will feel more comfortable going into any test, whether it is Math, Religion, WSH. This will help to instill good study habits that will last through all the school years.

Our next Special Report will be due at the end of the third trimester. Presentations will be on May 29, and 30th.  Students know their topics, so on nights that have light HW, or on weekends, encourage your child to work on their Sp. Report. A PowerPoint is not expected, but some sort of visual aid is required. A poster board works just as well as a PowerPoint.

Mrs. Short (MS)