4th Grade

We are on the final push!

We  started a new Reading Unit that looks at Folk Talks, Legends, Myths and Fairy Tales. This is the last unit in our Reading series, and I think the students will like all of the stories in the unit. Please make sure your student has a book and is reading everyday!

Spelling list for week of 6/3-6/7

auditorium biodegradable biography cautious chemist cooperate dehydrate encyclopedia foreward geography illegible impractical inaudible inefficient logical millimeter misfortune venomous zoologist

anonymous coincidence impartial

Save the Date! June 5th is the date for our celebration! This “Coffee House Talk” will feature students presenting monologues, showing student projects, and a video of pictures from the year. Please plan to attend, as all students will be presenting, we will gather in the school cafeteria at 7:00. This will take about an hour to see all the monologues, projects and video with light refreashments. Family members are welcome to attend, but please be mindful of younger siblings needs during the presentations.

Spring MAPs testing is over! I met with each student to discuss their academic growth this year. Students will write a self-reflection of their learning this year. The MAPs results will be sent home in the Report Card at the end of the year. Everyone has grown in their learning this year! I am very proud of their growth, they are ready for Fifth Grade!

In Math, we are looking ahead to next year and stretching our learning to include some concepts from Fifth Grade Math. The students are very excited about this!  Singapore Math pedagogy and parent support videos are available at Think Central: www-k6.thinkcentral.com. The log in information for Think Central was handed out at Open House. If you do not know your log in name, just email Mrs. Walde and she can give it to you.  Each chapter has important vocabulary words that students must know in order to complete problems correctly. The students have a Math vocabulary NB that has all the chapter vocabulary in it. I strongly encourage your child to study the vocabulary words in each chapter before the test is given. Please practice math facts at home, working long multiplication and division problems are easier if they know their facts.

The final chapters of our WSH book focus on each region of WA for an in-depth look. Students created and presented a PowerPoint “Region Report” to the class. Our Fort/NA Dwellings project is complete, and we started our NA masks. All projects will be on display at our Coffee House Night on June 5th.

In writing, we started a personal narrative on the Oregon Trail. We research a topic that happened on the OT and then write about it as if it happened to our own family while on the journey west. The students seem very excited about creating this journal.

In Science, we are reviewing the three branches of Science we studied this year: Life Sci., Earth Sci., ad Physical Science.

There is so much to look forward to in Fourth Grade, so your children will be busy from Day 1 to Day 180! I post the HW everyday on the website by 4:00, so check there first if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!

They are awesome!