4th Grade


We have started setting goals in Math, Reading, and Science for the next testing time. We have talked about goals at school, but it is helpful if you review the importance of setting goals with your child.

In Reading, the students and I talked about a monthly oral book report. I call this “Book Talk”, which is a short oral book report. I handed out guidelines for this assignment and some students have finished their first book talk already. The book that is presented is a book that the student read this year, (not a book that is read aloud in class), and a chapter book. If it was read in the summer, it can not be a required book as everyone read those. I am trying to build excitement about reading and hearing other students talk about books builds this excitement. We put the dates of the Book Talk for your child in the planner, but here is a reminder:

First Monday: Group 1: Anders, Daniela, Sophia, Evan, Logan, Dylan, Travis

Second Monday: Group 2: Daivan, Jackson, Albee, Darby, Alex, Haylie, Gabriela

Third Monday: Group 3: Amelie, Alexis, Joe, Joseph, Stella, Charlie, Ruthie

Fourth Monday: Group 4: Will, Nicholas R, Alina, Nick S., Mariella, Luca, Lilly, Rory.

Here are the spelling words for this week, the students have a copy of the list in their Planner, for the week of Oct. 22-26.

angriest best better biggest bossiest brighter clumsiest crunchier deadliest fiercest fresher lovelier messier sadder scariest steepest thirstier windier worse worst


noisiest slimier stingiest

In Religion, we finished Ch. 4. We will spend the next few chapters studying the Commandments. All Souls Day is Friday Nov. 2nd. We will pray the Rosary for your deceased family members. Please send a list of names you would like your child to pray for to school by Tuesday, Oct. 30th. October is the month dedicated to Mary. Please try to pray the Rosary at home with your family this month. There are several resources available for you to learn how to pray the Rosary. The Student Planner has the directions in it, and the students have a blue sheet with all the Mysteries listed for you.You can also find many resources on line. Our next Saint of the Week is St. Teresa of Avila.

Our Saint Museum is coming up fast! In addition to a written report, students will give an oral report of their St. to the class, and at the St. Museum to the rest of the students in the school on Nov. 1st at our St. Museum. The Museum will start right after Mass and will go until our lunchtime at 11:30. This is a great speaking experience, you may want to practice at home. In addition to the report, students need to come to school dressed as their Saint, since we leave for the church right after the bell rings. If they can put the costume over the top of their uniform, that would be easiest to change from after Mass. They also need a diorama, which is a scene from the Saint’s life, displayed in a shoebox. This will be made at home, while the poster board will be done at school. Get involved in this project early, it takes a while to make.


In Math, we finished Ch. 2, and will begin Ch. 3 which focuses on long multiplication and division. The students have a Math vocabulary NB that has all the chapter vocabulary in it. I strongly encourage your child to study the vocabulary words in each chapter before the test is given. Please practice math facts at home, knowing factors and multiples are easier if they know their math facts.

WA State History Ch. 2 looks at the regions of WA State. The students need to know these regions and how to spell them in order to correctly name them on the Ch. test. Sometimes for HW you will see “Word Skills” or “Things to Know” listed. These are exercises at the end of every chapter, and we start them in class. If your child does not finish them in class, it carries over to HW. The answers to these exercises are written into the WSH notebook and not on single sheet paper.

In Science, we look at Earth Science in Tri 1, then Life Science in Tri 2 and finally in Tri 3 we will study Physical Science. Right now we are looking at soil and its components.

Our next FT is Nov. 13 to Bright Water Treatment Plant. It is another full day experience. Students may wear Spirit Wear, but dress for the weather as we are outdoors some of the time. Also, please send a sack lunch.

There is so much to look forward to in Fourth Grade, so your children will be busy from Day 1 to Day 180! I post the HW everyday on the website by 4:00, so check there first if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!

They are awesome!