4th Grade

We started a new unit in Reading that explores adaptations of plants and animals. This fits in well with our Ecosystem reports and helps students make connections to what we learned in Science to what they are Reading during Workshop.

Also in Reading, a weekly Parent letter from Open Court reading will come home with the spelling and vocabulary words on it. You can also read about the theme of the unit and some highlights about our learning. Look for that to come home on Mondays, in order to give the students plenty of time to study the Spelling words.

The students will be presenting a monthly oral book report, called “Book Talk”. This is a short summary of a book your child has reads this year. The best way to inspire fellow classmates to read more books, is to hear what others are reading and how they liked the book. Listed below is the schedule for Book Talk. Due to the snow days, we will resume “Book Talk” on February 11th with Groups 1&2 presenting, followed by groups 3&4 after our mid-winter break on February 25th.  March will be a “normal” month for Book Talk, with the groups following the same pattern as before.

First Monday: Group 1: Anders, Daniela, Sophia, Evan, Logan, Dylan, Travis

Second Monday: Group 2: Daivan, Jackson, Albee, Darby, Alex, Haylie, Gabriela

Third Monday: Group 3: Amelie, Alexis, Joe, Joseph, Stella, Charlie, Ruthie

Fourth Monday: Group 4: Will, Nicholas R, Alina, Nick S., Mariella, Luca, Lilly, Rory.

There will not be a Spelling Test this week due to the snow days, and next week due to the start of Mid-Winter Break. I will send home the new list home on Monday, February 25th.

In Religion, our virtue for February is Purity, and our Saint(s) is/are Mary, and her parents St. Anne and St Joachim.

We will have a Valentine party on February 14th at the end of the day. Parents will supply the treats, but if you want your child to hand out Valentines, please make sure that there is one for each student in the class. Thank you.

Madi Gras in on March 5th, the day before Ash Wednesday. This is a old celebration and actually has Catholic roots! We will learn more about Mardi Gras in the weeks ahead. Please try to join us for Mass on Ash Wednesday at 8:30 am. During Lent we will study Catholic Social Teachings by following the Rice Bowl Program. Each week we will make the meatless meal that comes with the Rice Bowl calendar, and do some in class activities to raise money for the Rice Bowl. Every student will get a Rice Bowl for home use. Please encourage your child to put a portion of their allowance into the Rice Bowl each week. If your child does not receive an allowance, please encourage him/her to do extra chores for money that can be put into the Rice Bowl at home. When the Rice Bowl is full, your child can bring it into school to be emptied and returned to fill again.

We have several FTs coming up to look forward to, so look for permission slips to come home in the upcoming weeks.

March 13th: to the WSH Museum in Tacoma. All day.

April 9th: Edmonds Center for the Arts (we are taking 5th Grade’s place due to a schedule change for Outdoor Ed.) Walking FT that starts at 10:00.

April 17: Fort Nisqually in Tacoma. All day.

In Math, we started Ch. 7, that covers decimals.  Singapore Math pedagogy and parent support videos are available at Think Central: www-k6.thinkcentral.com. The log in information for Think Central was handed out at Open House. If you do not know your log in name, just email Mrs. Walde and she can give it to you.  Each chapter has important vocabulary words that students must know in order to complete problems correctly. The students have a Math vocabulary NB that has all the chapter vocabulary in it. I strongly encourage your child to study the vocabulary words in each chapter before the test is given. Please practice math facts at home, working long multiplication and division problems are easier if they know their facts.

WA State History Chapter 10 looks at the railroads and how they brought change to the PNW. This chapter and the chapters before tie in nicely to our new literature read aloud book, Streams to the River, River to the Sea,  that tells the story of Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark as they blaze the path through uncharted territory that would become the Oregon Trail. Our next two FTs will extend student learning when we visit Fort Nisqually, and the WA State History Museum.

Sometimes for HW you will see “Word Skills” or “Things to Know” listed in the Social Studies box. These are exercises at the end of every chapter, that we start in class. If your child does not finish them in class, it carries over to HW. The answers to these exercises are written into the WSH notebook and not on single sheet paper.

In Science, we finished up our study of Ecosystems and will move on to Human Body Systems. Each child will be assigned a body organ to research and write a report on that body organ for the remainder of the trimester. Some of the research will be done at home, but mostly the project will be completed at school. You can use your home computer, or go to the library to check out books on the human body or organ that your child selects.

There is so much to look forward to in Fourth Grade, so your children will be busy from Day 1 to Day 180! I post the HW everyday on the website by 4:00, so check there first if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing your children with me!

They are awesome!