2nd Grade

Goodbye, Amazing Graces


Goodbye, My Amazing Graces,

Being my last year here, you are very special to me. We had adventures in the classroom and on our trips to the Pacific Science Center, Yost Park, and our walking trips to downtown Edmonds to the Edmonds Center for the Arts, Glazed and Amazed to make our auction items, and to see  historical buildings we learned about in or STEM research for  our history unit.

We celebrated our First Reconciliation and Eucharist and prayed for family members who were sick or dying. Friendly letters cheered others in their times of trial or added to the celebration of their presence in our classroom and lives.  Fr. Vincent visited our classroom so we could spend more special time with him learning about and sharing our faith.

We did science in exploring earth materials, plants and insects and physical science- all culminating in our Pet Rock Playgrounds.

Remember always that our faith sustains us. Worry about nothing and pray about everything. Love God, love others. Serve God, serve others.

Keep in touch.

Love, Mrs. Boyle