Dear Families,
It is hard to believe that our school year is rapidly coming to a close. Our final weeks of school are full of Holy Rosary School traditions.
Our 8th grade buddies will be graduating on Sunday June 11th.The kindergarteners look forward to having them come to our classroom one last time to join us for breakfast on Thursday, June 8th. Later that day we will honor our graduates at our traditional “Good bye Assembly.”
On June 12th all students will enjoy our annual Field Day.
The kindergarten class is currently preparing for our prayer service which will take place in church on June 16th.
This prayer service is our gift to the Holy Rosary School community. It is fitting that all school families gather together for prayer on our final day of school.
I want to thank all my kindergarten families for their help and support throughout this school year.
Have a safe and relaxing summer everyone!
God Bless,

Mrs. Wachob