8th Grade Math In Focus – Ms. Mulvihill

8th grade students are currently studying the Pythagorean Theorem, the Distance Formula, and geometric transformations. We are applying our knowledge of the coordinate system, systems of linear equations, and simplifying and factoring linear equations, to real-life situations. Our study of geometric transformations will build on the code.org and other coding work our students have done in technology.
To help your child at home:

  • Build with your student. Lego sets, Minecraft and simple blocks will help your student understand how shapes fit together, what an angle is, and how to apply linear algebra to a three dimensional world
  • Draw or color with your student. Recognizing patters is an important aspect of math. Coloring is one way to see patterns in our world. Drawing will help students build on their knowledge of shapes, angles and patterns.
  • Daily Practice is always important! Students will always need to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, here are a few fun ways to do this:
    • Math games like Sudoku or Kakuru
    • Flash Cards – Did you know you can use a deck of cards as flash cards?
    • Dice games – Have your student teach you how to play “the dice game”
    • Ten-Minutes of Math – Try it yourself, your student needs to do 10 minutes of additional math practice a day, can you find 10 minutes for math time too?