5th Grade

The class did a nice job this morning helping to present the Mass for the Immaculate Conception. This coming Tuesday the fifth grade will be going to visit the residents of Quail Park.  The parents I have down to drive are: Jessica G (3 seats), Colleen C (4), James M (5), Lara D (5), Matt S (5), and Maureen H (4?). That adds up to 26 which would leave us one seat short. Let me know if you could join us, or if any of the existing drivers could perhaps seat one more.

We’ll be leaving around 9:30 am that day and returning around 11:30. The class will be singing Christmas carols, and perhaps do a small art project; some of the kids are planning to do a little extra performance of Christmas music on their chosen instruments, which they can practice this weekend. Prior to that there will be a short Lady of Guadalupe procession outside by the grotto with the whole school which starts at 9:00. The next day the fifth grade will lead the Advent service in the gym on Wednesday morning from 8:30 to 8:40. Thursday is the day and evening of the Christmas Concerts, and Friday morning is the Awards Assembly in the gym at 9:00.  Whew! You are of course welcome to any of these events.

Report cards went out today. Please sign and return the envelope. On Fridays the kids have had a “Financial Footings” class with a gentleman volunteer. Ask your child what they have learned. There is an activity in their booklet they can do for extra credit which is due next Friday. Also, there will be a math test on chapter 4 next week, probably on Wednesday. Have a good weekend.  And Go Sounders!