5th Grade

The students have completed their art work this week for the Square One Art project. The theme is honey bees – so perhaps you will be interested in creating some Christmas gifts with your child’s bee-autiful art.

This coming Tuesday, October 17 will be our walking field trip to the ECA to see the show Arc Attack. Thanks to Justin, James, and Aster who will be joining us that day. We have a seat available for one more parent.  We’ll leave at 9:30.

This week we will do our Virtus lesson about touching safety as mandated by the archdiocese. This program is done twice a year in each grade.   If for any reason you do not want your child to participate I have attached an opt-out form with this email. Please contact me if you have any questions about the lesson. If you use the opt-out form I would like to have it by Wednesday, October 18.

Next week will be the field trip to the Locks and Discovery Park. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to drive! The drivers I have are Colleen C, Ruth D, Brandie G, Buzz B, Katie J, and Mark J. That will likely be enough, depending on the final seat count. I’ll let you know if we need more.

There will be a test in Religion on creation on Wednesday. Later in the week the class should be ready to do the math test for chapter 2. Student photo makeup day is Thursday, and the Ram Run is on Friday. Also on Friday after school will be the celebration for Sister Kath’s retirement in the parish hall.


Brian Flanagan