4th Grade





Lent is right around the corner. Please take time to talk to your student about what you will do for Lent as a family. In class, we will follow the Rice Bowl lesson plans on Catholic Social Teachings, watch the videos they provide, and make the meatless meals on Fridays to show solidarity with our world neighbors. On Mondays, I will continue a Lenten activity that I have done for many years, “Cookies for Coins”. I will bring the cookies, but your students need to bring the coins. This is a good lesson in giving to the poor a portion of allowance or “pocket money”. It does not have to be a coin, paper money works too! Random acts of kindness will be celebrated in the classroom with the good deed child putting a coin in the Rice Bowl for every kind deed done to a classmate. Let’s try for a conversion from pettiness to kindness, and make that be our new normal that will extend after Lent.

Each student picked a past President to research and write about. The written report is in Third Person, and the oral report will be done in First Person (similar to the Saint Report). Both written and oral reports are due on the Thursday before President’s Weekend, 2/15. Please help your child put together a costume for the presentation. The official White House paintings of the Presidents show them in formal suits. That is always an option for the outfit, but if your child’s President was military, or had special interests such as golf or other sports, your child could pull an outfit together to show that. Period dress is important to make it look as close to the time period that the President served-some of the past styles are pretty funky! Try to be creative about the costume and use what you have, I don’t expect a fancy outfit that costs lots of money.

Due to Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Venable has asked that we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 13th instead. We will have our class party on Tuesday, February 13th instead of Wednesday. Students may wear pink and red on Tuesday and Formal Uniform for Mass on Wednesday. We have two reasons to celebrate on Tuesday, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day! Please make sure that your child brings Valentines to school on Tuesday and not Wednesday. We will not pass out Valentines on Wednesday, only on Tuesday.

In Math, Chapter 6 looks at fractions and mixed numbers. This is another chapter that makes your student’s head spin. Knowing facts and factors is very important to finding equivalent fractions, so keep working on math facts!

When studying for a test, students should re-read the chapter, learn the vocabulary words, and check why they missed a question on the chapter review. If these steps are followed, your child will feel more comfortable going into any test, whether it is Math, Religion, WSH, or Science. This will help to instill good study habits that will last through all the school years.

Our next Special Report will be due at the end of the second trimester. The presentations will be 3/12, 13th and 14th. Your child picked a new topic for the next Special Report before the Christmas break, so there has been lots of time to gather information on the chosen topic. On nights that have light HW, or on weekends, encourage your child to work on their Sp. Report. A Power Point is not required, but some wort of visual aid is required. A poster board works just as well as a Power Point.

During this new trimester, we will concentrate on Life Science, looking at the environment, and Ecosystems. In WA State History, we will study the Lewis and Clark Expedition. A reading connection to the Lewis and Clark expedition will be to read the book, Streams to the River, Rivers to the Sea by Scott O’Dell. This is a historical biography of Sacagawea, the Native American girl that went with Lewis and Clark to help guide them to the Pacific Ocean.  We will also go to Fort Nisqually in March. There is still lots to look forward to in Fourth Grade!

Mrs. Short (MS)