4th Grade





Happy Spring! It is nice to drive to school when it is light and not dark!

In Math, Chapter 12 focuses on Area and Perimeter. Also, we started a review of the concepts studied this year. You can help by doing some problems with your child. Such as, long multiplication and division, adding and subtracting fractions.

When studying for a test, students should re-read the chapter, learn the vocabulary words, and check why they missed a question on the chapter review. If these steps are followed, your child will feel more comfortable going into any test, whether it is Math, Religion, WSH, or Science. This will help to instill good study habits that will last through all the school years.

Our next Special Report will be due at the end of the third trimester. So start thinking about the next topic! Remember, I need to approve the topic, so make sure your child tells me what they plan to research before they start. On nights that have light HW, or on weekends, encourage your child to work on their Sp. Report. A PowerPoint is not expected, but some sort of visual aid is required. A poster board works just as well as a PowerPoint.

During the third trimester, we will concentrate on Physical Science, looking at energy. In WA State History, we will study the “modern era of WA State”. We will also create an “ABCs Of WA State Book”; students take each letter of the alphabet, find a word that matches the letter, connects a fact about WA to that letter, and then illustrate that page of the book. This is a long term project and will need organization and determination for completion. We will work on this project at school and will span the trimester. It is a BIG project!

Mrs. Short (MS)