4th Grade



We will keep some of the Advent traditions going in our classroom. For example, the Jesse Tree, the Advent Wreath and Advent Calendar to name a few. Some of the activities will carry over to home, please help your student “Prepare the Way of the Lord” by doing some of the activities on the Advent Calendar and spending some time in prayer together around the Advent Wreath in the evenings before dinner.

Please join the school community in prayer this Advent every MWF at 8:30 in the gym. Each class will take a day to lead the school in prayer. Our day is Monday, December 18th. Please join us if you can.

Also, Fourth Grade is collecting small liquid dish washing detergent for St. Vincent de Paul food drive. Please pick up a few the next time you are at the store.

In math, we are beginning a new chapter, we will learn how to do “long multiplication and division”. We tend to spend a long time on this chapter. Please practice math facts at home, knowing their facts will help your children more than anything else.

When studying for a test, students should re-read the chapter, learn the vocabulary words, and check why they missed a question on the chapter review. If these steps are followed, your child will feel more comfortable going into any test, whether it is Math, Religion, WSH, or Science. This will help to instill good study habits that will last through all the school years.

Our next Special Report will be due at the end of the second trimester. Please start thinking of a topic now, the end of the trimester will be here before you know it!

Mrs. Short (MS)