3rd Grade

Welcome to the Third Grade!

Lots of work in their folders on fractions. The students have done well to understand the basics of fractions. Please encourage their use of fractions and naming them in everyday activities. Today I introduced fractions as part of a set. Food is a great example of things that come in sets like hamburger buns. If you use 6 of the eight, then you have used 3/4 of a package. Thanks for your continued support of their learning.
The class continues to learn about the setting and the reasons for the Alaskan Gold Rush. They are also working on geography skills as they learn to read the maps to trace the route of the people rushing to find gold in Alaska. The stories we will start soon center on the children that came with their parents and helped in the gold fields or business in the small boomtowns.
Thank you to the moms who went with us to the Arboretum. We had good weather, which means it didn’t pour down rain. Actually, by the end of our class it was getting warm enough that the kids were shedding their coats. If you get a chance, I would recommend going to the Arboretum. All the flower trees and bushes are coming into full bloom. The students learned the cycle of growth in a fruit bearing tree, the purpose of plants in our world, and the many ways that plants are pollinated.
There is very little homework tonight as third grade will have their first MAPS test tomorrow morning. A good nights sleep and breakfast will prepare them for the testing. They will also have a test on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week.

Susan Young