2nd Grade

Happy New Year!

Our Amazing Graces are keeping the classroom cheerful on gloomy, winter days. We are in GEO month. Social studies’ GEOgraphy is a nature tie-in with our “Around Town: Neighborhood and Community” reading theme. In this we will explore multiple types of communities and the cultures within, while comparing them to our own here in Edmonds.  We will learn basic map skills and produce a map of our school.

In math we are in GEOmetry. Looking at shapes in our world also helps us to think about how to do art: art students learn to use parts of lines and curves before producing fabulous art. Fact fluency in math never goes away and we graph our math fact fluency progress to motivate students to set higher goals for both addition and subtraction facts.

In science, it is a natural choice to do our GEOlogy unit:” Sand, Silt and Pebbles” with our new Foss science kit. We will do a lot of observations, hands-on exploration, super scientific-writing about our natural world and explore concept further with observations at home.

In religion, we are learning about how we worship as a community and use the Bible to read and reflect on the word of God.  Students can follow along with the readings at mass each week. In April, we will celebrate First Eucharist. As we believe that parents are the first teachers of our faith, we will have a home-study book as well as our rich curriculum at school to prepare us for this important sacrament.  The meeting this year for parents is Sunday, January 21 at 10AM in the parish hall.

We are looking forward to visitors to our classroom during Catholic Schools Week to show everyone what our Amazing Graces are doing in second grade!