2nd Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!
This is the year of my “Amazing Graces”! I actually named them while they were in kindergarten. I am sure it still fits! We will have a busy and exciting year.  Having a growth mindset is essential for building confidence for reluctant learners and giving a good share of the responsibility for goal setting to the student, with teacher and parent support. We praise effort and encourage each other. I set goals for myself as well, as a life-long learner and educator.  Trying something new is a good way to remember how frustrating learning a new skill can sometimes be, especially if we let our minds wander. Think Zumba…

Social Studies starts with Civics, how we work together as a classroom community, honoring everyone’s learning styles, backgrounds and interests and setting classroom expectations.

Here at Holy Rosary Parish School, our second grade students receive two sacraments: Reconciliation and First Eucharist. We will have our First Reconciliation on Saturday, December 2, TBD. A parent meeting for this will be held in the church hall on Sunday, October 22, at 10AM. First Eucharist is Saturday, April 28 at 10AM. More information on First Eucharist will come later.

Our first reading theme is “Silly Stories” and yes they are. We use reading strategies along with higher-level thinking questions in discussions to engage students in what we are reading. When we read, we write. When we write, we read to others to get good ideas on how to improve our writing.

Science starts with our new Foss kit, “Solids and Liquids”, where students learn important scientific concepts and do some experiments of choice and STEM projects as well.

In our Singapore math program, kids learn how to solve real-world math problems using manipulatives and making models to solidify their understanding of how numbers work, before we expect fluency in new math concepts. We will do some review of first grade standards and move quickly into number sense in “Numbers to 1.000”. Parent tools for extending learning and practice are on the Think Central website. You can now access the second grade standards.

Volunteers are an important part of education in our classroom. Please let me know when you are available and what interests you have to share with us.

Thank you in advance for your support at home and in the classroom.