2nd Grade

Happy Autumn!

Autumn is a very special time for second grade. We have our first of two sacramental preparations. On Saturday, December 3, we get our First Reconciliation with Father Vincent. We know we are special to our fabulous new priest as we are his “first” here at Holy Rosary.

Our reading theme is “Nature Walk”, which combines reading with science. We are making two trips to Yost Park to use our five senses to explore the park, and to learn about animal habitats. We are writing reports on what we experienced and did a fabulous art project tracing leaves and then using water colors to paint them.  We are using our reading strategies to make sure that what we read in all content areas makes sense.

In math, we are using our math facts to add and subtract numbers to 1,000 with and without regrouping. Knowing the properties of numbers helps us build fact families and number bonds to add and subtract fluently. We will learn how to use bar models to show how we decide whether our real-world math problem involves addition or subtraction. These bar models are used eventually for showing multiplication, division and fractions.

We are thankful for the sunny and crisp days we have and thank God for all of our blessings.